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Hard Rock is vintage rock

Hard Rock caféHard Rock Café Tshirt
The Hard Rock café is an echo of the 80s. Since I can remember I have been collecting their tshirts from all over the world. I don’t actually go in there and eat, I just buy the T.

The latest one I got is from Venice, where I spent an absolutely amazing three days in May but hat will the subject of another post…

If you wear these T shirts casually, with a tight and chic pair of jeans or trousers, some converse or high top smart sneakers and maybe your hair done up and some make up (to stear away from the sports or pyjama just got out of bed look), then I think that they look fabulous. Like and old Guns and Roses or even Pretenders Tshirt. The older the better.

Get your Paris Hard Rock Café T from the shop at the Restaurant:

Hard Rock Cafe
14, boulevard Montmartre
75009 Paris

Hard Rock Café Paris

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