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Homemade hanging mobile and my templates

DIY mobile ParisWallpaper deco DIYHandmade mobile

I like mobiles, not the phone type noooo, the pretty decorations that you can hang on your front porch or (when you like in a Parisian flat, for example) hang in your office or bedroom.

And what’s even better? When you have made it yourself! (here are some more examples of THAT!)

I got this idea from my local art shop but personalised it with my own patterns and cut outs and made this one super long so I can hang it from the ceiling or on to a door as a perfect decoration!

What you need

At least 1 metre medium thick yarn/thread (pick the color to go with your cut outs)

Old wallpaper scraps (try your local deco or paint shop, they will surely have old samples lying around) and/or Decopatch paper that you have stuck onto a cardboard base (so as to thicken it and that is it rigid).

My little templates (send end of this post)

Craft glue – scissors


Place the templates onto a large piece of wallpaper/thickened decopatch (as above) and draw the outline around each template. Use lots of different patterned paper.

Cut out the patterns. Make sure you do this carefully and that there are no rugged edges (not pretty to look at).

Measure out the string (choose your own length) and leave 10cm between each object. Obviously, the longer the string, the more cut outs you can make and the higher you can hang the mobile!

Place these patterns along the string and stick the back onto the yarn/thread with the glue. Remember to respect the regular spacing intervals between cut outs and leave to dry for at least half a day.

Hang up, admire, gloat and be proud!!!!!

I have one on my office door and one near my kitchen window. You will also find these available soon on my new boutique if you don’t fancy making them yourself.  Made with love from France by me!

Happy creating xoxoxoxox


My little templates

teapot cutout templateteapot cutout templateteacup cutout templateCupcake cutout template

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