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My new roller skates

Apart from always having loved water, being in and on it, I have very very old memories of me roller skating. As far as I can remember, I see myself on weekends and after school skating across London and the concrete jungle of the Barbican and the City, where I grew up and ended up working in, for a few intermitant years.

My old pair was totally destroyed, the wheels and barings were shot and anyway, I wanted a fresh new pair.

It took me a long long time to find these, I wanted retro skates again and I really don’t like roller blading and that’s all that I could find.

Then suddenly I found this great company, based near Birmingham called The Skate Shop.

They stock every brand, for every use. I loooove the vintage disco 70s models.

I bought my pair of retro SFR skates online.

I received them after only 5 days by express delivery and I have practically being sleeping in them ever since!

In Paris I skate and roller near La Defense (the business district of Paris with it’s long long stretches of smooth concrete) and around the BnF library. In summer I just take my skates wherever I go. These shots were taken in Capbreton, near the sea front. It’s a great feeling to roll about, to feel free, to loop and to feel like a kid again.

Speaking of which, check out my son Tom’s socks and vans! He skates next to me always too! It’s my legacy to him xxxx
my son Tom's vansmy son Tom's socksmy new roller skatesmy pair of retro SFR skatesrollerRio roller box

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