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My own little pieces of exclusive glass

Migale en Tutuunique piecespieces of jewelleryboutique - Paris 10th
There is a beautiful little boutique near the Canal Saint Martin and the Hopital Saint Louis in the 10th arrondissement in Paris. In this amazing little laboratory, this little unique space, a lady called Agathe spends her time making unique pieces of jewellery by blowing Murano glass straws into any shape she wants.
I have seen earings in the shape of little cupcakes, dougnuts, fruits, cactus, flowers and every shape you could want. If you ask nicely, you can actually have your own custom made jewellery blown for you or for your friends and I love that.

I think we should all encourage little businesses, little entrepreneurs, to go the distance and make a living from their little stores and even more so when the products are made directly on the spot like here!

The boutique is: La Migale en Tutu (The Tarantula in the Tutu), it is teeny, you can smell the glass and the heat of the transformation of these multi coloured straws and are overawed by the sheer variety and quality of everything on display.

I bought these beautiful little blue and red bubbles, I love them. They are mine and only mine as nobody has the same!

Hoorah for clever Agathe and her skills, lets us support her and everyone out there accross the world just like her!

Read her website and also her blog and various places you can also buy these rare little jems on:

La Migale en Tutu
45 rue Bichat
75010 Paris

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