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Oooh my new fringed booties

Ash bootsAsh fringe boots

Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted a pair of fringed boots. I am dark haired  and brown skinned like Pocahontas (and have a secret dream that I was once part of an Indian tribe, long ago) but the little boots, the fringes, that was always missing.

Finally I found the perfect pair. Not too flat, not too high, not too cheap and not too colorful.

This pair has actually got an inbuilt heal that you can’t really see from the outside (just like my Isabelle Marant shoes) but gives your leg a slimmer, more toned look.

The fringes are long enough that they rattle about without touching the floor.

The stitches are of a thread in a different tone, which emphasizes that handmade look.

At the top of the boot is a lining made of metal studs which make the boot a little more girly and rock n roll.

I wear them with shorts and a billowy white shirt, with upturned skinny jeans or with a long flowery summer dress.

When I next can spend my not-yet-earnt money, I will be going for ASH’s low cowboy boots.

Where did I get them? Online and here

Now, back to building that Tipy and cooking that salmon over the fire…


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