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Parisienne biker and a fun outfit

Parisian bootsWinter Parisian outfitBiker boots Les Petites Parisiennes

I love to go shopping in the Marais area of Paris. It’s still old and pretty intact and the best? Lots of little boutiques to go shop. Open on SUNDAYS. Yes. Sundays really. All those infinite possibilities offered by the perspective of buying, extended by a whole DAY.

This fun wintery outfit is very Parisienne. Why? For the first part, stripes are in here and are just so French (thank you Mr Gaultier!).

My boots. Now let’s talk about my beloved bikers. I also love to wear them with short skirts and thick grey/burgundy coloured tights. I don’t really like black boots so I opted for this lovely warm brown pair with a really cute buckle.

So where do I buy (like, nearly ALL) my boots?

Les Petites Parisiennes. They have a couple of boutiques in the Marais, the quality of the leather is fantastic and they always seem to have classics that are coming back IN to fashion. The guys who work there are so helpful and are great on giving some style and outfit tips to suit your new shoes!

Aren’t these boots beautiful? Plus they keep my little toes warm and totally dry. My feet are happy. So that makes me happy :-))

Outfit: striped thist by Zara, polo neck by Mango, blue jeans GAP and boots Les Petites Parisiennes (34 rue de Turenne, 3rd arrondissement in Paris).

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  1. Adelya

    I just love these boots, Fiona!
    too bad the new collection of Les Petites Parisiennes was not to my liking :(

    • Fiona

      sorry to hear that Adelya! Keep your eye out for their future collections!

  2. Adelya

    I will!
    Also thanks to you I discovered ASH brand and today Im a happy owner of “converse” style shoes but mine are cuter!!
    Love your blog!!

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