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Play Doh perfume heaven!

Library of Fragrance - Play DohPlay DohSwimming Pool - Perfume
Didn’t YOU play with Play Doh when you were a kid? The smell of the putty was just amazing! When I get some for my son I actually play along with him for ages, cause I love it (more than him I think).

I recently found a really wonderful French website called Marvellous, which is actually a French concept store for children.
The actual website is so cute and the colours are great and to be honest, a lot of these little pleasures can be used for your kid but for a grown up too!

I chose this Play Doh scent which initially is heavy with vanilla and then transforms itself into nearly exactly the same smell as Play Doh. For some reason I associate this light sweet scent with the yellow Play Doh.

I also got myself the scent called “Swimming Pool“. It smells of warm summer skin covered in suntan cream and water. It’s hard to describe but I love it!!

Go to this gorgeous frenchie website site and dream or just order, it’s so cute and not too pricey!
It’s pretty self explanatory if you can’t read french but if you need a translation, just drop me a mail (in the contact section)!

Bon voyage chez Marvellous! xxxx

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