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Quick make up trick: shaded cobalt blue eyes

Sylvie Pontico is a really talented make up artist and works with a vast array of great products. She is married to a very talented hair stylist who works closely together with her. They make such a great and super cute team.

Here, she decided to go a little electro pop chic (or that’s what we called it) around my eyes.

Mostly I don’t really like heavy eye make up but this is really easy to do and easy to wear.
The steps are easy:

1 – take a soft small brush for the eye and dust it with the color of eye shadow that you want. Remember, even if the color is deep and not so natural it can still come out looking pretty.

2 – brush the eye JUST above the eyelashes, as if you were applying eyeliner. Don’t go all the way to the inside of the eye, just keep on dabbing above the eyelashes.

3 – dab the brush into the the same color again, shaking away the excess. Follow the line you had previously created and brush outwards towards the outside of the eye. Again, the trick is to pretend you are applying eyeliner. Think of the big eyeliner lovely Amy Winehouse used to wear, the kind of triangle it created from the outside to inside of the eyelid.

You then can adjust by dabbing a little more color where you want. For this affect just don’t cover the whole lid.

eye make up
Don’t overload on the blusher, I like to keep the rest of my face natural. So here we just used an faded pink for the cheeks.

I didn’t wear any lipstick although a nice coral would have been great.

I think what I learned from my lesson with Sylvie is: be adventurous. Before whiping it all off, try and keep it on for a couple hours, maybe a whole day.

Give yourself the chance to change, makeup is so much fun and really easy to whipe clean whenever you want. So go for it and dare! I enjoyed it and will continue to do so.


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