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Swimwear, bodyshape and Summer ’13 according to me…

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It’s always super nice to start thinking about sun, sea and swimwear again and I looooove panache swimwear. Available on, panache swimwear offers style and comfort, ideal for fashion conscious ladies looking to look their best on the beach… I have tried some myself and honestly it’s sexy and super flattering.

There are so many styles to suit different body shapes and bikinis are always a popular choice…. so here’s my low down:

Before choosing your bikini it’s a good idea to determine what body shape you are because this can really optimise how you look on the beach; buying a bikini that suits you perfectly will give you that all important perfect beach body. Yes, I apply these rules on myself and they work ladies.


The Tallulah Bandeau Bikini is the perfect bikini. The floral print gives a fresh and stylish look whilst offering brilliant support for all body shapes but especially the curvier body shape.

The bandeau top is a very popular style as it is flattering for smaller bra sizes, whilst the folded pant offers varied levels of coverage, allowing you to adjust accordingly to your size and optimise your shape. Not only does the bandeau bikini fit perfectly on all sizes, it is also brilliant because it means there are no strap marks, giving you an even tan!

The plunge bikini is also great for all shapes and sizes. For example, the Stella Plunge Bikini can give you an amazing cleavage (whether you are small or large on top) whilst at the same time offers top notch support with bra like straps, guaranteed not to come undone when you’re in the water: IMPORTANT. The bottom is perfect to really flatter curvy figures, the low rise pant with braid effect on the side helps to round off your shape and smooth out your curves. The nautical print is stylish and appropriate for any age, perfect too for being by the sea.

Purchasing the perfect bikini depends on a lot of factors but most important is your own personal taste. I am pretty sporty and love to surf all year round so most of my bikinis are sexy, simple and practical so they don’t come off in the waves but are still super feminine.

What’s your style and what do you like? Get shopping ladies and let’s start planning for a delicious beach summer!

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