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The bob haircut with an added twist!

I have always loved symmetrical haircuts and straight fringes.

This is my most favourite of all. I am styled by a really really great hairdresser friend of mine called Aurelien who opened his hair salon on his own in Paris a year ago. He is super discreet, very talented and has a keen eye for what suits every type of face and style.

Check out Aurelien’s beautiful salon Le Temps pour l’Autre, where he takes one person at a time so you feel like you are treated like a real princess. Just the way I like.

Le temps pour l’autre

With this style, we both came to an agreement that a strict bob was a little too 20′s for me.

So he decided to layer the ends without cutting off the length. The fringe is grown from the middle of the head and is cut really straight.

I love it and am so happy with it and it’s really versatile too. Hope you like the 20′s modernised bob for yourself too xxxx

haircutfringesymmetrical haircutLe Temps pour l'Autre

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