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The Ray Ban vintage CLASSIC!

Ray Ban WayfarerRay Bans ParisTeddy bear

Glasses, I mean, who needs them and loves to wear them?

Well, a LOT OF US actually! I went to get my eyes tested again recently and the wonderfully nice and patient optician revealed to me that I needed new glass in my glasses.

“New glass?” I yelled to my confused and apprehensive practitioner, “why would I get that for?”.

“I want new glassES please!”

For those who have the same eye “problems” as I do (ie: having to sport glasses), don’t you find that the hardest bit is chosing the frames that are right for you and your little face?

It took me ages to find THAT pair but finally, with some patience and lots of inspiration from the optically aware and inspired staff, I chose my Ray Bans. I already love my RB sunglasses, but these classic Wafarer tortoishells are so nice to wear and fun to boot!

Have a tour of the Ray-Ban super vintage website here



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  1. I LOVE your glasses. I really want a new, more hip pair.

    • Fiona

      thank you Suzanna! Have a look at the website in the post. Mine are the traditional Ray-Ban Wayfarer frames. Good luck! xoxox

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