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Two mini tips: about other types of accessories

Red nails ParisAnchor tattoo Parisnail polish and tattoo

I was talking about accessories and bags in a recent post but I just wanted to add a couple of other types of accessories that we tend to forget about. Living in Paris trains your eye to subtle chic, whatever style you have. Here a couple of tips that I never forget and are good to take into consideration for the party season too!

- Nail varnish is a big big favourite of mine. It makes my fingers look smart. And I like my fingers to look presentable (like my little toes too). I tend to always square my already short nails off, it gives them a retro 40s vibe. I definitely favour reds and pinks, maybe it comes from seeing my super chic French mum and stylish and eccentric grandmother paint their nails red for, like, always.

- Tattoos. Now let’s not forget, for those of us who are tattooed, these are the most obvious and sometimes visible type of accessory there is! I am passionate about tattoos and have got many myself (see more on my tattoos here). I never forget that the ones on my arms, that are visible, definitely already add to my outfits. Wearing loads of bangles and accessories would only really weight the outfit down. I follow the French chic rule: the simpler, the better. Tattoos aren’t vulgar but they are art, so flaunt them but remember, they are there as part of an outfit already, so don’t overdo with too much more! You wouldn’t hide a beautiful painting or photography behind anything else would you, same here!

Do let me know what your tips are! xoxoxoxo

Lana Del Rey tattoo and nail polish

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