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How to get invited to a fabulous Private Sale?

Private Sale
What are these Sales?
Brands often near to clear stock and some need to organise these Sales, in a different location than one of their stores, so they can ship all the outstanding stock to one trendy location for clearance.
There are plenty going on in Paris but also everywhere in the world! They are called “Ventes Privées” in French (Private Sales) so it’s always tough to get in but totally worthwhile once you do. Advantages are the obviously really reduced prices, still very recent collections, the great vibe where we all help each other out, suggest clothes to one another (to complete strangers mostly, I love that feeling of helping the girl next to you!). Most major brands have them at least once a year so it’s worth googling Private Sales in your area and see what comes up.

How to go to a Ventes Privée?
You don’t have to always be specially invited
- you can put your name down by internet or over the phone
- if you have a store card with the company then you are normally always let in
- sometimes they actually post a printable invitation on the internet so everyone can come along as long as they have the paper invite in their hands when they get there.

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