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My Canon and I

I take pics with my Iphone but my true love of photography is enormously aided by my Canon EOS 300D.

It’s a little old now but it’s really great for me to take around, it’s robust, super precise, the options are really up to date and I am lucky to have three Zoom lenses that I can use depending on where and what I want to shoot. Also, I have a double battery case so that when one runs out, it automatically switches to the other which gives me lots of shooting time.

Everywhere I go, I take a pic. You can ask anyone, my friends and even my son tend to hide as I shoot away at things that I see in everyday life, while people are wondering what in the WORLD I could be taking a picture of (and why)!

I am no expert but thanks to swatting up on the internet, reading up on some BASIC manuals of photography and trial and (many many) an error, I sometimes come out feeling that I got EXACTLY what I was aiming for.

And that, as many of you know, provides enormous amounts of satisfaction.

Use the summer early morning or late afternoon lights to give you such a hazy summer vintage atmosphere. That’s what I like to try and reach, like the picture was taken in the 70s in another world!

Happy snapping to all of you too xxxx

Canonto shootphotographymy Canon and I

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