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My love affair with ink started when I was 21
and one morning, I woke and just thought: I just cant go without my tattoo anymore. I was luclky enough to first be tattooed in Eddie Cockel’s studio in Soho by two of his own artists and my addicition, compulsion, fanaticisim for inking my skin began there. Altogether, my hip, lower back and ribacage are tattooed with a collection of 7 tattooes before I added a couple of small anchors to my wrist and lower arm. These stamps are, for me, like earning rank in my own life, like a warrior having another scar that he carries proudly.
The last tattoo is a large anchor with the name of my fiance on the banner scrolled accross it.
The tattoo artist is Romain who recently opened his ultra design, totally clean and funky tattoo studio near Bastille in the 11th, called Hand in Glove. I cannot recommend him enough. He spends time drawing in front of you, touching up the drawing on MAC, presents it to you for any changes and only then does he ink with firmness and speed.
Hand in Glove tattoo studio
44 rue Trousseau
75011 Paris

and special mention to Romain and Benoit for their kindness.
inking my skinsmall anchortattooes

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