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3 questions to real people: Julie, my fitness & dance inspiration

Sport teacher France

For the next few weeks I will be featuring mini interviews with 4 absolutely brilliant and inspirational women.

These ladies are all beautiful, energetic and determined. I met them at a great fitness institute that I go to when I am at my beachouse in the South West of France. They all work there and all literally drew me to them through their energy and passion. I adore working out and have always been athletic but could never really follow a choreography: two left feet wouldn’t begin to describe it. Then I started to follow the classes that these ladies teach and now, 4 months later, I am able to follow dance and fitness moves quite easily and my fitness levels are back to what they were in my 20s. Actually, probably even better. THAT’s why I want to write about the ladies who gave me all that and more.

So here, I start with the wonderfully bubbly, light, gracious and determined Julie B. This lady has given me back my sporty self confidence and is a real inspiration to a lot of people who follow all her courses (thanks for your time Julie)

Fiona: Julie, your life in a few words?

Julie B: I born in Arcachon (above Bordeaux on the West Coast of France). I trained as a gymnast and have been doing that sport since I was 4 years old and competed on a national level from the age of 7. I also started Handball when I turned 14, because I wanted to see my friends more and that’s where they all were and we all competed too.

Fiona: what pushed you from gymnastics into fitness and teaching?

Julie B: outside my school, there was a gym. I used to walk past it every day and I was intrigued. Eventually I walked in and took a class there and that was it. It was like I knew that I wanted to do what that woman up there on the stage was doing: teaching others her passion for fitness. I studied the course that I needed to go on and started teaching as soon as I got my diploma.

Fiona: what do you love about the work?

Julie B: giving Bodycombat and all those types of classes. When you see people giving it their all, eyes glowing and coming out happy, ecstatic even. That’s why I love my job and I can’t see myself working in any other industry. Ever.

Fiona: What’s your winter health tip that you want to share with us?

I immediately want to say: eat healthy. Eat fruits, vegetables. Make smoothies with your favourite fresh products, mix them all up, be imaginative! We have a tendency of eating more during winter, so let’s eat more healthy vitamin fulled fresh products. It’s great for your health, fills you with vitamins and ensures that you don’t put on too many extra pounds you would gain by eating cakes and biscuits to keep you going!

I totally agree Julie. Here are some recipes you can try out at home in the shape of a smoothie or a super healthy tasty quinoa dish


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