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Interviewing the pretty blogger: Madalynne

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I came accross Madalynne’s beautifully creative blog and was immediately addicted. I try to sew and make clothes of my own and Maddie’s amazing blog is full of amazing resources, patterns she has designed herself and step by step posts about how she makes the most intricate and delicate outfits.

It was a real priviledge to interview Maddie. You MUST go check out her blog and take a while to read through the layers of gorgeous ideas and stories that she tells.

Escape for a while into Madalynne’s creative universe.

Q: Tell me a little about YOU. Where are you, what you do and what you LOVE!
A: My name is Maddie Flanigan and I am the blogger behind Madalynne, the cool pattern making and sewing blog. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and am the internal blogger for a very large fashion company. Yep, that’s right, I get to do what I love for a living – blog. In addition to blogging, which is my career and hobby, I love to pattern make and sew. In my spare time, you will usually find me stitching or patterning my next creation, which is usually a dress with ruffles and lacy lingerie to wear underneath.
Q: When did you start your blog and why?
A: I started my blog six years ago at the advice of my dad. I was a freshman in college and I’m almost positive my dad suggested it as a way to keep tabs on me during my first year away from home (thank you dad!).
Q: How and why did you decide to choose the topics and super cute blog format you have chosen?
A: Because my blog is a sewing and a pattern making blog, I chose post topics that are in line with its focus. Whether it is tutorials on how to draft a sloper or tips on how to sew jeans, my posts center around the hobby of sewing. But I don’t narrow my blog’s focus too much, I want my blog to appeal to a wide range of blog readers, so I also post about other fashion related topics such as my inspirations or my current wants.
Q: How do you get your ideas for your projects?
A: Projects are not completed in a matter of days in my world. Because I worked in technical design for 2 ½ years (for the same fashion company I work for now), I always sew numerous muslins/toiles to get the fit right and that takes time. So for me to undertake a project, I have to fall in love with a design, just like falling head over heels in love for a man. How I find stumble upon and fall in love with my future projects? It’s usually serendipitous.
Q: What is your biggest inspiration for your life and what are you striving for?
A: I believe that the perfect fit is achievable for everyone, no matter their size, age, or financial status and this is what I strive to achieve through my blog. My pattern making and sewing tutorials use simple words and easy to understand images so that every seamstress can achieve the perfect fit for them and thus, look and feel beautiful both inside and out.

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  1. Wow !!! So beautiful ! Thanks for sharing her work. Oh how I love the little twinkle lights and pooch too ! J’adore ! xx

    • Fiona

      Merci dearest, Maddie is an inspiration! xoxoxo

  2. Fiona,
    I’m so happy I found your blog, I love it! Thanks for sharing Maddie’s work, it’s beautiful.
    Sending smiles from Vancouver :)

    • Fiona

      Thank you Lauren! Your blog is absolutely beautiful.Thank you for sending your smiles! xxxx

  3. Eekk! I love the way the post came out. Thank you :)

    • Fiona

      because you are so interesting and pretty, that’s why! Thank you for being interviewed Maddy!

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