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Fiona H of on Meet the Blogger

I am so thrilled. The lovely team of travelers and journalists and Hg2 magazine published an article about me and Parishues yesterday. I just had to share.

That’s the wonderful thing about blogging, it gets you to meet some fabulous people. So special thanks to Megan for her kindess and go have a peek at the interview and their super website on travel and just daily pleasures. More to come on them soon.

Read the article here

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  1. Wow !! I just read the article about you in Hg2 Mag ! You lived in Guateloupe ? We have visited there & sailed there too!! We have wonderful friends that live there. They moved there from Paris. Small world. xx

  2. Fiona

    Yes I did and yes it was quite an experience! Lots of frenchies there as it’s a French Territory. Funny you went there hahaha! LOVE to you Lynne xxxx

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