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Q & A: Michico Horie tells me about her work

Michico Horie at work
Recently I discovered the artist Michico Horie at the Brick Lane Gallery in London near where I was brought up.

Thanks to internet, we got into contact and Michico now tells me what she is up to and where her next exhibitions are.

Here, I asked her a few questions and she kindly answered with her sweet reserve.

Fiona: So where are you from and where do you work now?

Michico Horie: I am from Japan but now I am based in Paris. My atelier at the moment is on rue de Rivoli in Paris, you should drop by!

F: thanks! So where have you exhibited so far?

M.H: London, Barcelona, soon in NY and it won’t stop there!

F: I am sure of that. Have you always worked as a painter?

M.H: originally, I am specialised in embroidery, which I also exhibit during the shows. It’s really nice to be able to work with an everyday hobbie, transforming it into art. Something that can appear to be mundane but showcasing it into something original!

F: I loved your last series of work. The girls with the watery eyes. What is your new theme that you are currently working on?

M.H: For the new exhibition we have actually worked as a collective: Aya, a Japanese girl who lives in New York; Helina, Estonian from Paris and myself. All three of us are specialised in embroidery but we have gone further than this, once more.

The theme is Creamy Cat, a fusion of sexuality and femininity. We are 3 women and we have represented 3 cats as the under current. The paintings and work all reflect that.

F: I wish you the best of luck Michico and hope to see you in NYC soon!

Below some pics of Michico at work in her Atelier!

Don’t forget to go her website for more info, I just love her work, the fact that she works on the other side of the globe from where she was raised and is just a super creative creature!

Michico Horie
Michico in her Atelier

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