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The battle, fight, quest, against cancer by Lynne Knowlton

Lynne Knowlton

This is Lynne’s story. It is her husband’s story. Her family’s story.

It is a fight against an eat-you-up-whole kind of illness.

I read Lynne’s blog regularly because she is witty, funny, eloquent and still has a sense of humor. That many other people would have lost by now, for a lot less reason.

Some people are inspirational not just only for their courage but also just simply for who they are, the way they lead their lives.

I have not met Lynne in person, I do wish to do so one day in Paris (Lynne, wink wink!). That’s also what this blogging is all about, isn’t it?

Meeting beautifully inspirational people, of different horizons. Not just about putting our lives out there (although that’s a beautiful part too) but meeting, exchanging, encouraging others. Sharing.

So I share with you a gripping article from Lynne’s blog, with her authorization of course.


And don’t stop at that post. She will inspire you in many ways, from design to lifestyle. Take the time and go have a look.

A bientôt Lynne and, well, just a whole lot of love to you and your family.


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  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU….for the absolutely beautiful sharing of my blog ! We will definitely meet in Paris some day. It is meant to be !
    With much LOVE and bisous !
    Lynne xx

    • Fiona

      yes we will. In the meantime, love love to you and your family xxxxx

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