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My recommended Paris City Guide


Want a clever Parisian itinerary, all made up and ready to use? Check out where to go have a drink, eat, shop for Design, Party?

Hg2 is super clever and super easy to use.

Hg2 Paris is written by Sophie Dening. I really love this guide to Paris, it’s up to date, really complete and very easy to access and navigate. I met the team behind this lovely blog thanks to my own venture and I just wanted to put them on my blog, to say that what they do is great and the places recommended are indeed (and from a residant Parisian, I can safely say are: ) really cool Parisian hotspots.

Available at, Hg2 Paris is broken down into easily navigable sections: sleep, eat, drink, snack, party, culture, shop and play.

Also, Hg2 Paris is continuously updated with the latest hotspot openings and filtered for anything that no longer makes the cut.

When and if you can, go have a look. Once you have read the Paris guide, go visit all the other city guides that these guys write up! Amazingly modern, up to date and just fun to read (my favourite on their list being Cape Town!).

Happy weekend reading and travelling (even if it is only in your mind and on the web, that’s so much fun in itself!) xoxoxoxoxox

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