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Little changes I try to apply

Changes you can make to your lifeIt starts with ourselves, don’t you think?

Because I think that every single effort counts, here are the changes I have been trying hard to apply to my little life:

I am currently making sure that I wake up and smile. Just to do that. It relaxes me, make me realize how good life is, from the moment I open my eyes.

Keeping things simple. Appreciate what I have. Because the grass isn’t always greener.

To not get annoyed over small things, because I know that drains me.

To do what I have to do but to NOT feel guilty when I haven’t finished EVERYTHING.

Not being Superpowered isn’t a bad thing, after all.

And to love. The ones around me. And to love myself.

All these little things make a real difference in my life.

And you??? What are your little changes?


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