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Agnes, the bucolic spirit

Agnes Obel.

Philharmonics - Agnes ObelI started listening to her a little under two years ago, just before her first album, Philarmonics, came out. The minute and maybe even less than that, I started listening to her music, a dream, midsummer’s night dream like world opened up in my head.

She mixes piano and her soft surreal voice and obtains something quite ethereal.

Obel was born in Denmark and now lives in Berlin. Her greatest sources of inspiration it seems are Debussy, Ravel but also Joni Micthell (my number one favourite artist) but also Edgar Allan Poe for her darkness and spirit like quality.

Here is one of her few videos, for one of her first tracks released: Riverside.

If you are able to listen to the album or dowload it, please pay special attention to the song Katie Cruel, my special favourite.

Happy listening and views of hazy dark woods, lace dressed women, shades of faded pinks, greens and yellows softly dancing before your eyes.

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