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Beautiful: Cascadeur

Cascadeur - The Human Octopus
This french composer and musician, originally from Metz, has the voice of Michel Polnareff and Anthony Hegarty melted into one and never goes into the public without his helmet and/or his wrestler’s mask.

The Cascadeur (litt. translation: Stunt Man) is a pure musical genious. His piano reminds me of Debussy, the sadness of his songs ring a melodious Poe like sadness but still, his music is relaxing and sometimes even uplifting in an ethereal way. Some of his music has been used as soundtracks for french films, one being the beautiful Highway 01 for the sad film Des Vents Contraires with Benoit Magimel and Audrey Tautou (HIGHLY recommend it). He creates a purely french sound that I have never quite heard before him but sings in English with a distinct accent of his own.

I started listening to Cascadeur a couple of years ago, when he had not yet released The Human Octopus (his presumably first non auto produced album) and the LP only had four tracks on it, one of which was Walker, which you will discoverd below.

The melodies remind me of what once was, childhood, romances of the past and the hope that there is still a little bit of that in what is to come.

My favourite tracks are Highway 01, Memories and Walker.

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