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Bought my tickets to Rover @ L’Alhambra

Rover - concert at the Alhambra, Paris
I wrote about Rover a while back.

He is statuesque, imposing, sings as thought he spent all his life on board a gallion sailing the pirated seas of the world. He is like an admiral, standing tall at the helm of his ship. Something rogish about him that captures our attention.

Rover is Timothé, is french and released his first album Aqualast earlier this year and I love to listen to him. I saw him play at the Francofolie festival in La Rochelle last July and now he is in concert at the Alhambra and I am so happy to have tickets!

Here is a link to one of his tunes that I love, I hope you enjoy the story he tells and the melody he enchants us with xxxx

Rover live – Aqualast

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