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Carly Bryant in PARIS

Carly Bryant Paris

As a blogger, I get to meet and contact and BE contacted by lots of extraordinary people.

As part of this week of French inspired music on Parishues, I wanted to share with you the superb talent of English songwriter and artist Carly Bryant who contacted me recently to talk about her work. Carly is based in Paris and I LOVE her voice, her Charlotte Gainsbourg look and her contagious smile! Her music is jazzy, soul inspired and her voice is husky soft. She was recently in concert at Les Combustibles and she is on TOMORROW NIGHT, 21st March at the Centre Barbara as part of the Paprika Sessions and I hope to be able to pop in!

DO check out her website here at and you get to listen to her songs on the playlist too!

Lastly, here is a beautiful live track recorded in Paris with her band. Don’t you just LOVE this girls spirit? Super talented brit abroad. Super proud of you Carly, us Brit chics gotta stick together!


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