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Friday playlist song #1. Jolene

I have been listening to Ray since I came back from Ausralia in 2008, although I had heard him playing a live session whilst I was pregnant with my son Tom all the way back in 2005.

Ray Lamontagne is special to me. He calms me and his words speak to me. I travel at the sound of his songs, to places filled with pine trees, mountains, vast spaces, lakes and cold wind whistling.

I chose Jolene AND Empty for you today, both for their lyrics, the tale that Ray tells and the beautiful use of his accoustic guitar.

Recipe for “Travelling with Ray”

Go to your warmest and cosiest room

Burn a few drops of pine and  lavender oil

Wrap your hands around your mug or warm cinamon and rooiboos tea, a little minicake

Sit cross legged on the floor. Close your eyes. Listen and travel with Ray for 15 mn. :-))


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