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Friendly Fires – PARIS

Paris remix_friendly_fires

This is an excellent video and a great tune that I listen to in the streets while I am walking around my adoptive town. Friendly Fires are a Brit band and this really catchy Electro Dance Pop tune was their first and it’s from 2007.

The tune sounds like Paris. Also, I just feel like I am watching the video live as I go about my business and look at what’s going on around me. Cars swerving, people in their best attire, gorgeous buildings, wrought iron balconies, macarons in the patisseries windows, small dogs staring as you wonder by, tall trees protecting us from the sky. That’s Paris and all it’s colors!

This video is amazing as it captures what I see when I am walking or Velibing (cycling) round the Sleepless City.

HAPPY Paris Friday from me and enjoy the tune! xxxxxx

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