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Larger than life and talent – Rover

RoverMy favourite musician at the moment, Rover has the look of Beethoven and the sound of a new Bowie, with a slightly more gothic and organic approach. Who is Rover? A young frenchman named Timothée Regnier, imposing physically throught the sheer mass of the man but also throught the ethereal songs he has written. His first and new album, Rover, just out is available now. I loved the tunes Aqualast for its freshness, Wedding Bells for its darkness and melodious rapture but my very very big favourite is Tonight, a wonderfully catchy but sombre affair.

Also much appreciate: the quality of Timothée’s english accent, which only strengthens his credibility as an english speaking artist.

Listen, relax, get lost with Rover and listen to the story he tells:

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