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Musical interlude: Ghosts in Paris – JM McMorrow

James Vincent McMorrow Ghosts in Paris

I absolutely adore James Vincent McMorrow. What a talented song writer and ethereal presence he has. And that soft, perfect slightly feminin voice he seems to posess. This is a beautiful live version filmed in front of La Grande Roue in Paris, I love it! You can hear the street noise around him and the emotion and cold in his voice.

Haunted music brings out emotions in me that, when I am feeling brave, I like to confront. I need to confront.

Ane Brun once said in her song “Raise my Head” (please please take the time to listen to that song too!):

I’ve got my best shoes on
I’m ready for it all
Bring in your best crew
Come on, I’m ready for it all

Time for a little introspective confrontation. Which, in my case, always nearly needs to inner peace.

Happy Friday aftternoon interlude, let me know what you think of McMorrow’s music!?


Studio version of ghosts:

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