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New band: Poliça, electro genius!

I was at a cinema the other day when I sat down well before the film started (I just love getting there early and getting the feel for the theatre) when the speakers started playing some tracks from new a band (I mean new, they formed, from the disintrigation of various Minneapolis bands less than a year back, as an experiment and hit the right notes immediately): Poliça. The softly distorted voice of front woman Channy Leannagh remind me of some 80s pop star crossed with Celtic mysticism and Ryan Olson’s musical genius (previously of also Minneapolis based The Gayngs) mixes into this softly rythmical, slightly surreal, melody.
This is my favourite track from the album Give You The Ghost but I will post others that fit the mood I am in on the day.
This is today’s feel track for me xxx

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