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Sohn’s Lesson

I have just spent a week back home in London. Just been re imbibed with energy, culture, street vibe and openness in every way.

While in London I discovered new British artist Sohn and haven’t stopped listening to his new album Tremors since. In the vain of my beloved James Blake (who’s 2013 album I will speak about soon) but with a higher nearly Timberlake like voice, still dub step to it’s best but hauntingly poetical, warm and seeping with young sorrow.

You travel when you listen to Sohn.

The sublime Artifice uplifts, Lessons runs us into a trance of melancholy determination and Tremors is resignation in rhyme and melodious beauty.

This video to Lessons is raw, manic, reminds me of The Shoes video I posted a while back. It’s neurotic and rhythmical. How incredibly clever.

I hereby give you the genius of Sohn.

Sohn Tremors

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