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The day I met David Bowie.

Mr Bowie. The Chameleon. Angel Face. Beautiful voice. GREAT talent. British seed. Worlwide inspiration.

I once met this man at a theatre in London, it was at the interval and I was by the bar trying my best to get served, and it just wasn’t working. Because I am not pushy, because I am not that tall and I didn’t feel like shouting like a Futures Trader on a trading floor that day, just to get served.

A man on my left kept on staring at me, smiling. Then all of a sudden I heard him say to the barman “will you serve the lady please”, the barman immediately obeyed. A little surprised and totally grateful, I turned to look into the (abyss) eyes of Mr Bowie who was there with a few other people and a lot of different photographers trying to get a shot of this tall, pleasant, poised and very beautiful man. A thin, very delicate, slightly retro face with a kind, soft gaze me.

I hadnt even noticed he was there and I think that probably made him laugh. In a good way. I said thank you, he smiled back. I flashed my biggest smile back at him, because it was a lovely thing for him to do , something he didn’t need to do. He said back to me “enjoy the rest of the play then” with that really cheeky look he has and then that was it. I was served and I just couldn’t stick around, acting the way everyone else was around him, clinging on trying to get seen by this surreal gentleman.

Lovely little story for me. I think many many many people must have had one quite the same.

Just goes to show that when you are larger than life, it doesn’t mean that you can’t connect to those who are still at normal level: the way he once was and the way, inside, I think he probably always is.

Here is my favourite song by Mr Bowie with the eternally talented Billy Corgan, All the Young Dudes, with a second track bonus for those who wish to listen.

What a great pick me up of a tune xxxxxx

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