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The Shoes: the best of French gone British

The ShoesSince I posted about my new shoes today I thought it apt to accompany the post by introducing a great french group called The Shoes. I know these guys, they live their music and are gifted composers and musicians from Reims, northern France. Their sound is distinctly british however, which is probably why I like it so much. Without wanting to classify them completely it is electronic pop which sometimes verges onto trip hop. They often have an array of gifted singers and appearing vocals, Esser being my personal preference.

The song below is my favourite from the new album and check out the special appearance by english actor Johnny Harris, he is gorgeous!

Also new video for Time to Dance features Jake Gyllenhaal: it’s a little violent, I admit, but the tune is so catchy it diverts us away from the American Psycho gone Vagrant vid.

The Shoes are in concert at The Olympia, central Paris, 13th June. Make a special trip to see the boys.

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