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The wonderful Nick Drake

I love love this gifted artist from the 60s. His voice is ethereal and his compositions also.

Nick Drake (19 June 1948 – 25 November 1974) was an English singer-songwriter-musician. Although he failed to find a wide audience during his lifetime, his work has gradually achieved wider notice and recognition now. Drake suffered from depression throughout his life and these topics were often reflected in his lyrics, like here in this piece. On completion of his third album, 1972′s Pink Moon, he withdrew from both live performance and recording, retreating to his parents’ home in rural Warwickshire. There is no known footage of the adult Drake, he was only ever captured in still photographs and in home footage from his childhood. He passed away in 1974.

Nick has inspired one of my favorite artists, Jose Gonzalez and also for that, I am grateful he found the will to compose, despite his illness and difficulties.

I adore the arrangements in this piece, where he speaks of autumn leaves and summertime xxxx

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