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This evening’s concert on the beach!

Roxy live Concert
Because tomorrow is the 14th of July, the national fete here in France when the partisans and population decide to storm the Bastille and free the prisoners there and also decide to abolish royalty in France (honestly, that’s the basic lowdown and I am making it sound far less interesting and passionate than what really happened), France is effervecent. There are fire works planned, parties, outdoor picnics and basically lots of free events everywhere. Tonight I am going to see my buddy Benjamin of the group The Shoes play at the Roxy Live concert on La Plage du Port Vieux. GO check out there music in The Shoes: the best of French gone British
The Shoes
I got a backstage pass so we will be able to hang backstage too and I also went in to the concert area and got to see the stage being set up by the amazing men and woman roadies.

So here’s to having fun on the beach and making the most of what France has on offer for all of us during the summer, for free and for FUN xxxxx
Concert on the beach

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