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Woodkid I love You

Woodkid Joan Lemoine

Is there anything I could do, to get some attention from you?…Whatever I feel for you, you only seem to care about you… Is there any chance you can see me too, cause I LOVE YOU.

Yup, for a Frenchie Yoan Lemoine (aka: Woodkid) just has that English verse honed down to a beautiful T.

Who is Woodkid? Indie, French thirtysomething, gifted musician, songwriter and singer, who I discovered through his collaborations with Lana del Rey a couple of years ago. His concerts and spectacular shows are as grandiose as he is discreet (extremely, painfully even) and when I caught him on stage with Lana a few months back, he was intentionally withdrawn, adding to the depth of his character.

Yoan’s new album came out on the 18th March and I have it on continuous play. The album, Golden Age, seems to be the story of a wooden kid (big wink to his stage name) who is confronted to a world of white marble which (he explained in a recent interview here in France) represents adulthood and how he confronts it. I dowloaded the album off Itunes but the phyiscal version is actual bound in Gold and has 130 pages to it. Like an album but a real album, the way we used to think photo, pictures, not just music.

The symphony of his music is sublime as he worked with the French Opera and Orchestra (wow) mixed with his own jazzy, electronic personal touch.

Here’s my favourite, I LOVE YOU, the video really rocks. I hope, if you didn’t know Woodkid before, that you will be enchanted by this melodic call of the heart from a delicate yet talented manchild.

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