So happy! My Little Shop of WOnders is open!

I now understand the sheer amout of work that it takes to open, even the smallest, online business. Patience and huge amounts of love are required!

BoutiquebannerLittleShopofWondersI have finally opened my Little Shop of WOnders! Hoorah!!!

From finding the items I liked accross France, taking the pictures, putting them online, getting used to the fabulous tool that Etsy is and now learning to chat back to those who are interested and celebrating my first sales this morning! It's an exciting project and I hope you all enjoy it! Keep popping in as new items will often be added as I scour Paris and the rest of this beautiful country for vintage accessories, clothes, rustic and traditional homewear (pics below!). Don't forget my little kits: all you need to make your own charm Liberty ribbon bracelets, packed into a little box handpainted by a Parisian artist, so every kit is individual! Don't hesitate to ask questions or just write me through Etsy (the banner will be left up on the upper right side of the my blog). Happy viewing but above all, I hope you find it a great little experience on my Little Shop of WOnders! . Kisses, Fiona xoxoxoxoxox Paris online vintage boutiqueLiberty ribbon charm bracelet necklace Read on...

Create your Liberty charm bracelet

DIY Liberty Charm Bracelet Create Parisian bracelet Creating a little bit of french fashion, for you all to read, wherever you are on our beautiful planet. That's what I try and do with Parishues. Also, helping you create a little bit of the French/Parisian touch is also a feature on this blog! Here is something that is really easy to make and that is all the rage here in France with the hip girl about town. Parisian ladies and girls all have them but buy them (and they can cost a small fortune. So let's make our own!). Liberty prints are really eternal, I chose this type of ribbon but you can really go out there and use an old scarf, thin leather belt, tshirt, silk band, really whatever you want. The clasps and charms I found at my local Art Shop (Arteis for those who want to see what our Art shops look like in France) and the ribbons are a mixture of vintage and old dresses that I cut up to the size of my wrist. What you will need DIY French Charm Bracelet Read on...