It’s All Good – Really

All Good HossegorAll Good HossegorAll Good Hossegor Summer is here and the beachouse is my main place of residence. The smell of ocean breeze, the pine trees rustling around me, the endless bike training sessions in the nearby mountains, swimming in the lakes and oceans, seeing my son enjoy the natural elements around him. It's all AWESOME. What's more awesome (well, on a par) is the fact Read on...
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Snugg is back!

iphone case I love this cool little brand and love to protect my phone. I work all day on my iphone and it's super important that it's protected from the outside world. But in a stylish fashion. Here's my new case from the wonderful people at Snugg. I already have this amazing Hermes Orange ipad case so it's super cool that I have a vintage looking protector for my iphone case too! They have super pretty cases for all sorts of phone, tablets and kindles that we use on a daily basis. So I like to look snazzy and stylish when I get my phone out but also need it to be practical. Go pay these guys a visit, you will love what you see. iphone case Read on...
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Happiness is accessories!

Happiness Boutique Happiness Boutique Happiness Boutique Let's face it. Who DOESN'T like to wear accessories that are different, original and fun to wear? I found this super lovely little on line boutique held by some SUPER nice lovely people that sell these little creations. They call themselves the Happiness Boutique and their accessories are, well, ready to wear happiness! Their Read on...
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Tips for a gorgeously fraganced home

home frangances

home frangances

Certain smells are as evocative as a photograph, or even more so.

They take you back to a place or moment in time that you may have forgotten all about. After all, why is it that people trying to sell their houses are always told to bake a cake before potential buyers look round? It’s so that the prospective new owners instantly associate the house with a warm, homey feel they may well have felt in their childhood home, where Mum would often bake a cake to have after tea.


 So many aromas work together to make your house feel welcoming. In the kitchen, having a clean work surface paves the way for the fragrances of the tasty food you cook to waft their way throughout the space. Your lounge may be full of the fragrance of flowers, your bedroom the tantalising aroma of crispy clean sheets. Bathrooms can be made into the most enticing of spaces with the help of essential oils and scented bubble baths.

Perhaps you have been too busy rushing around after Christmas to pay much attention to how your house smells at the moment. I don’t mean that you’ve let it get dirty, rather that you haven’t had time to make it feel even lovelier with the addition of gorgeous-smelling things.

home frangances Read on...

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Going out – the Rules to dressing up Festive Style


Formal wear Paris

Formal wear Paris

Ok ladies, it's that time of year again.

COME ON, admit it, you love to dress up.

Even those of us who bah humbug the whole Christmas/New Year social scene have to admit that we like to get dressed up and look like a million (or more) Euros/Dollars. I live near the beach now and have a beautiful life here that's close to nature and things that I consider simple but essential to my whole existence. However, everyday I have fun getting dressed up, keeping that girly little spark in me going. As soon as I have an excuse (a party, a concert, opera... whatever!) I go ballistic trying to find something I am going to have fun wearing.

So because this is the season of parties and near liver failure, I thought I would put together some rules. For New Year this year I will be going to the Casino, having fun and sitting at the poker and blackjack tables and I am going to be dressing UP for it. Hope you find some interesting facts and please don't hesitate to let me know what you will be wearing this festive season!!! Read on...

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My top 3 most underrated fashion buys

Fashion trends come and go, but there are some fashion garments that continue to stand the test of time. Unfortunately some of these items get more love and attention than others! Think about the LBD (Little Black Dress), everyone appreciates this a classic look and that it should be a wardrobe essential; for that reason, whatever the season, you’ll always be able to find one on the high street. If you could do with updating your wardrobe with some fashion staples, here’s a look at three of the most underrated fashion buys and why you should keep your eyes peeled for these the next time you’re browsing:

Women's cardigans

The perfect cardi

Cardigans are a garment no longer reserved for OAPS and are now found all over women’s clothing sections on the high-street. When you’ve worked hard on an outfit, needing to cover up because of the cold can be frustrating; cardigans are a wonderful solution. They can provide a layer of warmth with the option to leave the front open and still reveal the other garments you spent hours picking. With a cardigan you don’t have to cover up that vintage tee, or hideaway your pretty patterned midi dress.


There are many cuts of cardigan available too, making them a versatile choice. Choose from a slim-fit, crop, V-neck, Grandpa cut or chunky knit – the sort of cardi you’ll pick will depend on your body shape and the season. The difficulty when cardi shopping is the limited choice, despite their practical appeal, cardigans are rarely available in interesting patterns or prints, with block colours being the popular design. So, when you do come across a stand-out cardi garment – snap it up fast! It can be worn from season to season.

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