It’s Phoebe and her Shortstraws

Phoebe Killdeer and the Shortstraws As part of this Parishues music week, it was impossible not share with you again the super talent of my school and childhood friend Phoebe Killdeer. Here is an interview we did a few months ago. Not only do I love her cause she is a friend but her voice is objectively OUT OF THIS PLANET. Here it is, hope you enjoy the talented artist and Read on...
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Interviewing the pretty blogger: Madalynne

Madalynne blogSewing blogUrban outfiters blog I came accross Madalynne's beautifully creative blog and was immediately addicted. I try to sew and make clothes of my own and Maddie's amazing blog is full of amazing resources, patterns she has designed herself and step by step posts about how she makes the most intricate and delicate outfits. It was a real priviledge to interview Maddie. Read on...

3 questions to real people: Maddi I.

Maddie my fitness coach This lady is wonderful. Really amazing. I feel so honoured when people open up to me and share their time and life stories with me. And she has the best set of accessories I have ever seen on ANYONE! I met Maddi when she started teaching my fabulous body combat class after she joined my gym near the beachouse. So after having introduced Julie to you, here is the a little conversation with the lovely Maddi I: Read on...
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I am Robbie Hassett (an interview)

I first spotted Robbie's work on Facebook and tumblr and fell in LOVE with his photographic work, so I just had to get into contact with Robbie, who is just the other side of the world from here in Paris. We have been writing ever since. Here is an interview I had with the humblest, very talented (and probably a little bit wild) Mr Hassett (and his unique life story):   Robbie Hassett photography Robbie Hassett photography Robbie Hassett photography Fiona: so, give me a little bit of background on yourself? Where are your from, what do you do?

Robbie: Well my name is Robbie Hassett.  I'm 27 and South Korean, adopted into an Italian family when I was 5 months old from Long Island New York.  I spent the earlier part of my adult life touring in various musical projects pursuing a music career.  While doing this I attended college and received a degree in commercial arts and design.  While at college I realized that I not only loved working on and editing photographs, I loved being behind the camera as well. Read on...

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3 questions to real people: Julie, my fitness & dance inspiration

Sport teacher France For the next few weeks I will be featuring mini interviews with 4 absolutely brilliant and inspirational women. These ladies are all beautiful, energetic and determined. I met them at a great fitness institute that I go to when I am at my beachouse in the South West of France. They all work there and all literally drew me to them through Read on...
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