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♥♥ of this week: living amidst the Paris rooftops in Malsherbes

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To be totally honest, I am not the biggest fan of living on the last floor of old Parisian buildings, as roofs lean in lots and eat up a lot of living space as a consequence.

This little bijou totally proved me wrong. I like to be proved wrong.

It’s a nice 58 sq.m and as the kitchen is built into part of the living room, the two main spaces (sleeping and daytime) are really quite large. The fantastic skylights (Velux as they are also called) give views onto the wonderful 8th arrondissement and the Paris rooftops. It felt like we were in a little futuristic pod, above the buildings, perched in the clouds. Of course, those who know my tastes know I adore white on white (and if possible, some white again) so this was exactly to my taste! A dab of colour in the cushions and accessories here and there and the ensemble was peaceful and really cosy.

I never get tired of visiting Paris flats for Stan & Geraldine.

I mean, there are worse things, right ;-))

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  1. The white does make the place look bigger. That appartment needs to be rented to very tidy people that don’t have stuff laying around everywhere!

    • Fiona

      hihi, that’s right! But I love that white space anyway! :-)

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