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#2 interior of the week: Black & White modern

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I don’t normally go for dark colors myself but I thought that this really worked. Yes, yes, it IS true that they have (tastefully) whitewashed the walls (a personal recuring favourite of mine as you might have noticed) but apart from that, this small studio flat had lots of black in it. Alternating with the brightness of the walls, it really worked. This is such a cute little apartment, you can just imagine your student days spent in Paris studying at La Sorbonne and coming home to this little homely den. Sigh.

And can I just STRESS that I LOVE Paris courtyards. All of ‘em. They are safe havens in the middle of a concrete jungle.

It’s actually in Montparnasse that I love because of it’s creperies and the proximity to the train station that leads me straight down to the Ocean on weekends.

Here’s the space you click for more beautiful pictures and examples of Paris style xoxoxoxox

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