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A longboard tour of France for Girls

I adore and totally support this initiative. Go GIRLS!

I was really happy to find out that the Longboard Girls Crew (a club of hardcore super talented girls who skate freestyle, figures, downhill, professionally and not) was organising some events in France. They raise awareness that there aren’t just men skating out there and this girls/woman can be just as talented and skilful as they are.

Skate Paris

Longboarding is, for those who don’t know, the longer version of the skate. Lots and lots of people have started riding them in France and my son is also starting out on this version. But he can’t COME! Hihi. For once, just for once, it’s just us girls who get to have fun on a board.

The French tour is organising demos but also tutorials and lessons for every girl of every age who wants to make it. La Defense, here I come!!! Mind you they travel every where so you should check out their really cool fun website here to see if they are coming near you.
Bring protections (helmet required), and if you have more longboards don’t hesitate to bring them for beginners.


  • November 8 in LYON: (18h – 23h) – Pont Transbordeur
  • November 11 in:

o PARIS (14h – 18h) – La Défense
o NANTES (14h – 18h) – Facultés de Lettres
o STRASBOURG (14h – 18h) – Place Rouge

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