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Multicolored Angel Made Ladurée HEAVEN


You will know that I have a passion for Macarons. More than the small practically guilt free size of the little cakes, it’s the colours and plethora of TASTES and COLORS that really do it for me.

I treated myself to a little Ladurée box whilst out meandering along the aisles of the department stores last week. So while admiring the outfits, the shoes, the make up and creams on their little stands, I spoilt myself to chocolate, pistache, rose, caramel, raspberry and chocolate angel made heaven again.

I didn’t even feel full. Perfect dosage.

The shop windows were so beautiful, with a mix of macarons Pièces Montées, fluo colored flavors and beautifully vintage Victorian style packaging.

Athough the Carette Macarons, that Stan introduced me to, must be my absolute best yummy favourite, I have a real penchant for Ladurée’s packaging and displays that are more dainty.

Outside Paris, Mr Bamas in Anglet is the award winning patissier that you should go check out.


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