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A walk down the Canal Saint Martin – my favourite place to be

Canal Saint-Martinquays - Pariscanal, Paris
Ever since I got to Paris about 3 years ago, I was drawn to the water and the Canal Saint Martin.

People picnic on it’s quays in summer, bringing out their fresh snacks and bottles of their finest.

Sundays, the roads around it are closed to cars and the area becomes pedestrian, where you can let children roam and play and bicycles don’t have to worry about the traffic.

Some of my favourite restaurants are on the canal, like Chez Marcel and La Marine (which I will speak about in the future for sure).

Great little boutiques line the water, where you can find vintage clothes, pretty dresses and smart suits. It’s all there.

The vibe is of bohemian chic. A Paris where writers, poets, artists come to gather and share their thoughts.

I walk down there at least once or twice a week, to keep me sane. To keep me in touch with my inspiration and that of others xxxxx

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