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Aesops sweet smelling essential oil creams

Aesop creams
Don’t you love organic, herbal or essential oil creams? Like magic potions they promise us remedies and myriads of different solutions to our daily problems.
I like creams. I like original small companies that make them.
After years ago having raided Neil’s Yard Remedy shop in Covent Garden (it’s products are now distributed world wide) I am now the proud owner of Aesops’ concoctions.
Aesop is an Australian brand which had also expanded to Europe. In London you find it in Soho and my little shop of delights in France is in Le Marais, trendy 3rd arrondissement of Paris.
The smell even outside of the boutique is sharp and light.
The products I have fallen for are the Aromatic Resurrection Hand Balm (heavenly Mandarin, Rosemary and Cedarwood extracts) and the Geranium Body Balm (I use both for hand and body, regardless of what’s written on the packaging). The tubes of cream look like oil paints and the glass vases like old apothecary recipients. I re use them to put my other creams when travelling.
And my bathroom ends up by looking like a pretty mix of coloured glass vials tubes. My own little nearly personalised potions.

Their beautiful website:

64 Rue Vieille du Temple
75003 Paris
01 42 71 02 69

Aesop shoptube of cream - Aesop

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