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An afternoon at Labeyrie (extra) fine foods

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While down at the ocean beachouse these holidays, I absolutely had to pop into the Labeyrie boutique near Saint Geours de Maremne, in the South West of France.

Labeyrie is reknowned for it’s Foie Gras (like it or not, it’s a definite culinary festive tradition in France) and also sells a vast array of super luxurious foods like smoked salmon, caviar, delicate and tasty sauces and the most amazing herbs and chutneys to accompany nearly anything! Labeyrie was actually created 1946 in Saint Geours by Robert Labeyrie when he started selling his foie gras and salmon (straight from the Adour river). It’s now a really large luxury food reseller sold everywhere over France but I was lucky enough to go tour the factory, see how the products are packaged and learn all about the history and real art behind making traditional french gourmet dishes!

Here are my favourite products from my visit. It has never been a surprise to me that French Gastronomy is classed as part of the Patrimoine de l’Humanité of the UNESCO (UNESCO Cultural Heritage). Everywhere you stop, from a small brasserie or bakery to a large Parisian restaurant, the food is always good and inspiring!

Here is their super online cooking “atelier creatif” (creative workshop), go have a look and see what you can do french style today and share it with me on the blog!! xoxoxox

Labeyrie Foie Gras

Labeyrie boutique France


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