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Antique Paris and gourmet food

Square Trousseau
A place to go when you want some classic brasserie food with a little touch of class?
Le Square Trousseau is one of the first places I ever started to go to regularly when I got to Paris. The restaurant carries the same name as the actual square it lines (with beautiful gardens and a children’s play area) and is now an institution although still not completely known by tourists. The service is always great and friendly, the food modern brasserie (try the veal in white wine sauce and strawberry tarte for dessert, a real sweet treat). Also and maybe the most important point is at The Square Trousseau, you just go back in time, to turn of the century Paris. The bar is just beautiful and the zinc still shines, the wood glows with warmth and the floor tiles tell you stories of years and years of conversations, and heated discussions over a Cafe noisette or a Pouilly Fuissé and a smoky cigar.
When I go, I sit at the terrace, order my salad or steak tartare, sit back on my wooden chair and take in the light glow of what Paris once was and how is has kept so much of that old charm.
strawberry tartLe Square Trousseau, Paris
modern brasserie

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