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Chocolate heavenly love

Chocolate BayonneAtelier du Chocolat Bayonne

It’s Easter and let’s be honest, we are going to eat chocolate.

However, here is a vast debat to be had: there is

chocolate and Chocolate:

chocolate like more sugar than there is cocoa leaving you thirsty and disatisfied and Chocolate like the good stuff you can get in Switzerland, Belgium at in BAYONNE!

So there I hopped gaily to buy me some chocolate praline love.

The Atelier du Chocolat in Bayonne is super famous for it’s confections. It was actually created in 1950 by Madeleine and Joseph Andrieux and has been there ever since. The variety of chocolates if breathtaking and totally hypnotic, with a special shout out to my little white chocolates filled with praline and cream and these two amazing chocolate hearts that I bought (had to give one to my son… are there no bounds to motherly love?) which were filled praline and red pepper.


Check out the Andrieu’s Atelier du Chocolat website and go see my article about the history of Bayonne and why there is so much Cocoa roaming around there!!!

Happy salivating xxxx

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