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Clean the beaches – save our waters

Clark Little Calif
Water. We are made of it. We need it for LIFE. It is source of beauty and energy. We are all drawn to it, one way or another.

When I go to my local beach here, named “La Pointe” to surf or just to dive into the ocean, it often makes me sad to see the state of the beach. The sand is litterally LITTERED with every item of rubbish you can imagine: from the sadly standard plastic bottles and bags, tin cans, jericans to all sorts of horrible items like scissors, rusty nails on an old metal board, an oven (yes, an oven) and the rest. Other beaches around my beachouse (Estagnots, La Nord, Estacades…) are really clean but that’s because they are racked over every morning!

Why are our beaches dirty? Often because the oceans and seas are really dirty too. From coastal waste dumped into the waters from all our coasts over the world, to cargos and ships that unload their rubbish to individuals on the beach that just leave their rubbish on the sand.

So I joined the Surfrider Foundation a few years back. The Facebook pages for your areas are available, please go and have a look, like, join and do your best to try and make our waters and beaches clean. They organise beach cleans but also events to raise awareness to protect our waters and many other initiatives to stop any hostile project from hurting our coasts.

The aquatic ecosystem is vast. Who gave us the right to take over the water or even the world for that matter?

I am pationate about trying to keep our natural ecosystems alive and intact. The water covers most of our planet. We are mostly made of water. It is a strong and versatile element that demands respect. So let’s give it!

Estagnots beachPlastic bottle sculpture - Surfrider Foundation Sud Landes

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